Maine Lobster Delivery

The ultimate indulgence—fresh Lobster from Maine. Our lobsters are plucked from icy cold Atlantic waters. We are your trusted source for Maine lobster delivery to your front door, overnight, guaranteed.


Lobster Delivery Maine

Buy live lobsters from a lobster company that has been online since since 1999. Our lobsters from Maine are local, hard shell and always fresh! Live Lobster is in season all year long. We grade and select only the best lobsters to ship direct to you and go to great lengths to ensure your fresh seafood arrives at the peak of freshness.

Live Lobster Shipping

We are live lobster shipping experts. With clear skies and great packaging, we ship live lobsters to just about anywhere in the USA. We have even delivered Maine fresh lobster, chowder and frozen lobster tails to Hawaii and as far away as the North Pole! Our mail order seafood is packed with care, delivered right from the boat to your table.

Lobster Gifts

Ship Maine lobster right to your door. Decadent? Maybe a little. Wow factor? Off the charts! Give the gift of fresh Maine lobster. Whether you are planning a formal dinner or want to send a unique seafood gift they’ll love, we have dozens of lobster dinners and fresh seafood gift packages. Lobster gift certificates are available via email or first class mail. Let them order lobster tails online, fresh lobster meat for sale, lobster pot pie or even Maine lobster rolls. Lobster Gifts

Mail Order Lobster Top Picks

Bring the sea to the most landlocked of spaces with some of the best mail order seafood gifts. Whether you are planning a special lobster dinner or want to just ship lobsters, we have a lobster gift they’ll love. Create your own special seafood gift with jumbo lobster tails clam chowder, lobster mac and cheese,  or our new lobster stew.


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