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Chardonnay Loves Lobster

My current favorite restaurant dish is called Buttered Lobster, a dish I enjoyed at Azie Restaurant in San Francisco, alongside a fabulous Chardonnay from Chalone Vineyard. Lobster, as you would imagine, does not appear as frequently in San Francisco as transplanted New Englanders like myself would want. Fortunately, better shipping and the search for new flavors is giving us more lobster than ever before.

Fresh Clams: Currency of the Sea

Hard-Shell Clams Hard Shell clams are sorted and sold according to size…the smaller the clam the more tender and expensive.From Smallest to largest, the categories are: Little necks clams: The most tender: excellent raw, steamed, or used in whole recipes. Top Necks clams: Tender, can be used as little necks. Cherrystones clams: Not quite as […]

Putting Together The Perfect Lobster Dinner for Two

If you’ve seen our main site, then you know that Santa Claws is coming to town. Well, here’s your free preview: the big guy’s giving two free lobster tails away for Christmas. Now, this is Santa…so these are no ordinary grocery-store-fish tank lobsters. We’re talking massive tails from two of the biggest lobsters we could […]

Give The Most Unique Gift of All This Year.

Oh, sure, Turkey and Ham are all the rage on Christmas. But come on, we just had that at Thanksgiving! And for the entire week following Thanksgiving. I’m not knocking leftovers…I’m just sayin’. Now, you  want to get really festive, you place a couple of lobster tails on the table, on a platter covered with […]

The Pioneer Woman

Oh…how I love the research!

I’m working on a post for Thanksgiving. I was doing a little research on what other food-loving folks are doing for thanksgiving, and I came across this over at The Pioneer Woman’s blog: Butternut Squash Puree. Wow…imagine what that would be like paired with a nice lobster roll the day after. (You’ll understand better on […]

On Thanksgiving

It’s November, and of course, when you think November, you thing Thanksgiving. Those poor pilgrims. Cold and starving in a brave new world. Facing all kinds of peril in a foreign land. Thank goodness for their charitable new friends, the Native Americans, who saw fit to share their bounty with these newcomers. There was, indeed, […]

Don’t Settle for a Fake Lobster!

What Kind of Lobster Are You Cracking Into? Lobsters: fat, red, little monsters of the sea. When we American diners think of lobsters, our mouths start to water as we dream of sweet, tender meat, salty drawn butter, and that satisfying first crack! of the shell as we attack our lobster dinner. But do you […]

Apple Pound Cake from Conway’s Festival of the Hills by Martha Harrington Each fall the town of Conway hosts what it calls the Festival of the Hills. This rich cake with a caramel glaze celebrates the mature flavors of that event. It comes from Conway’s Martha Harrington, who serves it to guests at her homey Nestle Inn. She recommends dishing it up with […]

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