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Top Five End of Summer Lobster Recipes 2

Top Five End of Summer Lobster Recipes

Tired of under-cooked sausages and burnt burgers from the barbecue? Bored of those same old pasta salads, that everyone and their aunt brings to every summer get-together – ever? Or just hankering for something that full of flavor, delicious and oh-so-summery? Then take a look at these five mouth-wateringly good lobster recipes. However you cook it, lobster […]

Maine lobster Postcard

50 Shades of Lobster Red: What Color are Lobsters, Really?

dropcap]A[/dropcap] quick Instagram search for #lobsters brings up an army of bright red crustaceans, straight out of a children’s guide to ‘Under the Sea’. That’s not all, though, you’ll also find plenty of snaps of unfortunate beach goers who, after a few too many hours’ sun-seeking, have found themselves as “red as a lobster”. Unsurprisingly, […]

Painted Lobster Bouys

Lobster Buoys Mark the Spot

aine has over 5,900 licensed  lobstermen to cater to the ever growing market for fresh live lobsters in the USA and beyond. In 2012 alone, Maine fishermen trapped and caught more than 126 million pounds of the iconic seafood and the number has been increasing every year. There are about  3 million lobster traps in Maine’s waters; and more than 30,000 are […]

Chasing Lobsters: The Lore of Maine Lobster Boats 1

Chasing Lobsters: The Lore of Maine Lobster Boats

Lobster boats are the backbone of Maine’s lobster fishing industry. Chris Caswell in, “So What is a lobster Boat,” describes a Down East lobster boat as the pickup truck of the Maine coast. These workboats allow the more than 6.000 Maine lobstermen to haul in their catch. Lobstering is a family tradition and licences are often passed down from generation to generation. […]

Maine Lobster Laws- So What's the Catch?

Maine Lobster Laws- So What’s the Catch?

hen the State of Maine is mentioned, chances are lobsters come into your mind. For ages, lobsters have always been a critical part of the commercial fishing of the state. In a single year such as 2008 alone, lobsters harvested brought in more than $244 million for 69.7 million pounds of the commodity.  There are […]

SEA Monster Lobsters for Father's Day 2

SEA Monster Lobsters for Father’s Day

very year when Father’s Day rolls around, men around the country are showered in the all-too-typical festivities brought forth by the simple act of being a dad. Meals consist of the all-American hamburger and hot dog combination that has been a staple of the male diet since time began. Most men will smile and indulge […]

What's in Your Lobster Tool Box? 2

What’s in Your Lobster Tool Box?

This guide will not teach you how to eat lobster per se, but show you the tools and some tricks for getting the meat out. The truth is there is nothing graceful about eating lobster. You don’t need much to crack into a lobster, especially if your boiling up soft-shell summer lobsters. In fact you can get by with your bare hands and […]

How to Cook Lobsters on the Grill without Ruining Them

How to Cook Lobsters on the Grill without Ruining Them

hanks to online lobster shipping companies Maine grilled lobster can be enjoyed in 24 hours notice by lobster lovers on both coasts of the USA. Grilling lobster takes about the same prep time as the conventional boiling and steaming methods. The real difference is the grill will imbue the smoky flavors of the coals and any […]

Lobster Prices Heat Up with Cold Weather 1

Lobster Prices Heat Up with Cold Weather

Bad weather and an increased Asian demand have driven up the price of New England’s most prized catch— Maine lobster. A long hard winter and chilly spring has stalled the lobster season. With more than 8 feet of snow in many areas in New England and temperatures often in the single digits, the winter of […]

What Size Lobster to Buy? 1

What Size Lobster to Buy?

We often get asked, “what is a good sized lobster to buy?” We ship lobsters from from 1 ¼ lb. each, (the size you might find at a Boston seafood restaurant), all the way up to 10-12 lb. monster lobster. What size lobster to order will depend on your budget, your menu, the occasion and the size of […]