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Making Lobster Bisque

Making Lobster Bisque: A Rich History

Lobster bisque is an elegant soup known for its rich flavor and crimson color. The main ingredient in this coastal favorite is the king of the sea, Homarus americanus. Due to the relative fame and ubiquity of lobster in the state of Maine, lobster bisque has become a delicious culinary staple. Generally, “bisque” refers to […]

Best Sauce for Lobster

Drizzle, Dip, Dunk: The Best Sauces for Maine Lobster

We talk sauces for lobster, lobster butters, dips and tips for the novice lobster chef to the veteran crustacean cooker. Find the perfect simple classic or a fresh new idea to impress your dinner guests with our lobster sauce recommendations. Sweet lobster meat is a delight in itself, and the distinctive taste of great quality […]

Star Wars Lobster Facts

Jedi Lobsters and 12 Phenomenal Lobster Facts

What kind of creature lives forever, regenerates lost limbs, keeps on growing, and chews with its stomach? Is this an extraterrestrial from the space epic Star Wars? No, it’s just a lobster and it hails from northeasternmost state of Maine, USA, planet earth. As of yet, the Maine lobster has yet to been granted Jedi status or has it? With its armored […]

Buy Best Lobsters Online

The Best Lobster Ever – Learn the Secrets

Translation: Our lobsters are the best anywhere. In Maine the R is optional in the alphabet! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dining on lobster along the coast of Maine, then you already know fresh Maine lobster is the best in the world. So what makes the best lobster? First, let’s examine the lobster itself, what kind […]

Seafood Chowder History and the Creamy New England Kind 3

Seafood Chowder History and the Creamy New England Kind

One of the most popular dishes today is the clam chowder that has inspired festivals, novels and poetry across the nation and in many other areas around the world. Seafood chowder history goes back to the 18th century with the earliest references of the dish found in Brittany, France and the Cornwall region of England, which […]

Top Five End of Summer Lobster Recipes 2

Top Five End of Summer Lobster Recipes

Tired of under-cooked sausages and burnt burgers from the barbecue? Bored of those same old pasta salads, that everyone and their aunt brings to every summer get-together – ever? Or just hankering for something that full of flavor, delicious and oh-so-summery? Then take a look at these five mouth-wateringly good lobster recipes. However you cook it, lobster […]

Maine lobster Postcard

50 Shades of Lobster Red: What Color are Lobsters, Really?

A quick Instagram search for #lobsters brings up an army of bright red crustaceans, straight out of a children’s guide to ‘Under the Sea’. That’s not all, though, you’ll also find plenty of snaps of unfortunate beach goers who, after a few too many hours’ sun-seeking, have found themselves as “red as a lobster”. Unsurprisingly, then, […]

The Best Sides to Serve for an Epic Lobster Dinner

The Best Sides to Serve for an Epic Lobster Dinner

Fresh steamed lobster with drawn butter is great served on its own, but what if you want to create a particularly memorable banquet? What are the best sides to serve with lobster and complement rather than overpower its delicate flavor? Obviously your choice depends on your personal tastes and what you think is likely to appeal to […]

Maine Lobster Laws- So What's the Catch?

Maine Lobster Laws- So What’s the Catch?

When the State of Maine is mentioned, chances are lobsters come into your mind. For ages, lobsters have always been a critical part of the commercial fishing of the state. In a single year such as 2008 alone, lobsters harvested brought in more than $244 million for 69.7 million pounds of the commodity.  There are […]

What's in Your Lobster Tool Box? 2

What’s in Your Lobster Tool Box?

This guide will not teach you how to eat lobster per se, but show you the tools and some tricks for getting the meat out. The truth is there is nothing graceful about eating lobster. You don’t need much to crack into a lobster, especially if your boiling up soft-shell summer lobsters. In fact you can get by with your bare hands and […]