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LobsterAnywhere Holiday Schedule

Santa With the sheer number of packages being delivered at Christmas time, we strongly suggest ordering two weeks before Christmas. Better yet, if you are sending a gift—send a gift certificate—and don’t worry about it!

If you want to ship the last ten days before Christmas, be sure your recipient is going to be there when you plan to ship to them. Businesses often tend to be closed for a portion of the week before and after Christmas. Families travel during this week also. This is important because you are sending a perishable food product.


Deliveries for Dec. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 (sold out)
*** Gift Certificates still available for overnight deliveries.

Christmas 2006

Monday, December 25th NO DELIVERY
Tuesday, December 26th NO DELIVERY
Wednesday - Saturday, Dec. 27th - 30th DELIVERY AVAILABLE


Saturday, December 30th DELIVERY AVAILABLE
Monday, January 1 NO DELIVERY
Tuesday, January 2 NO DELIVERY