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[Chocolate Truffles ]
Chocolate Truffles
These beautiful heart-shaped truffles are created in small batches by local chocolatier Dante Confec ...
[Fresh Blueberry Pies ]
Fresh Blueberry Pies
Best blueberry pie we ever tasted! Flavorful and juicy wild blueberries, kissed with lemon, nestl ...
[Harbor Sweets Gift Assortment]
Harbor Sweets Gift Assortment
Each of these hand-crafted chocolates is individually wrapped in gold foil, and presented in an eleg ...
[Key Lime Pie ]
Key Lime Pie
Looking for the perfect dessert to finish off a delightful seafood dinner. An honest to goodness ...
[Salt Water Taffey James]
Salt Water Taffey James
Salt water taffy” supposedly originated by accident in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1883. Enoch Jame ...
[Whoopie Pies 6 mini pies]
Whoopie Pies 6 mini pies
We tried many different versions of this Maine classic dessert. And we found the best. The Whoopie i ...
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