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"Thanks again for wonderful Maine Lobster. We had our order Xmas and was wonderful. I made corn, taters, and slaw. Wonderful. You're where I go when I want the best. Fresh, on time, and so nice." --Jody L., S. Pasadena, CA

"Being ex-easterners we know Lobster. This quality is just not available in California at any price. And as for real STEAMERS "Fuhgeddaboutit". My shipment arrived at 9:30 local time. Just right for our 3:00 P.M. lobester-fest. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. My family has already ordered a repeat performance for August."Mike Kellers, Lakewood, CA

"Tonight we will have our lobster rolls. I just finished mixing up the meat with mayo and putting it back in the fridge to mellow. What awesome meat it is!! Full claws and knuckles....just beautiful. We are going to have them with a few fries and some coleslaw as you recommended. Tomorrow will be our chowder and salad for lunch. We can't wait. Thank you again so much for such quality product. We will be happy to order from you again."--Gwen, Jay & Alex Cober

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Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

Caught in traps pulled from the icy waters off the rockbound coast of Maine, live Maine lobster has become known around the world for its abundance of sweet, white meat. Served steamed with drawn butter, its unique, rich flavor is not soon forgotten. LobsterAnywhere delivers this experience to you overnight!

LobsteranywLobster Mainehere.com is your direct source for Maine lobster shipped nationwide. Fresh off the fishing boats of local Maine lobster fishermen, only the very finest-quality live hard-shell Maine lobsters make the cut. Leaps and bounds above cheaper soft-shell varieties, these delectable specimens are hand-selected and fresh beyond compare. Fresh Maine lobster delivery is our business, whether to your home, business, or at your vacation spot. We specialize in Live Maine lobster and frozen lobster tail delivery.

Caught in traps pulled from the icy waters off the rockbound coast of Maine, the Maine lobster has become treasured throughout the world for its huge meaty claws and its abundance of sweet white meat. Maine lobsters are the most sought after shellfish in the world, guaranteed to enliven any culinary experience.

Order fresh lobster now and schedule a date for your lobsters to be delivered. Packages may be scheduled to arrive on Tuesday through Saturday. All live lobsters, fresh seafood and lobster dinners are kept cool in sturdy, molded styrofoam containers with non-toxic frozen gel packs.

We offer fresh lobsters in a variety of ways: Live Maine Lobster | Lobster Tails | Lobster Meat | Lobster Pie | Lobster Rolls | Lobster Claws


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Live Lobster
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