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Hey just wanted to drop a note to tell you we had a GREAT time grilling our lobster tails. Did it just as you instructed and they turned out perfect. Our friends were impressed. Will order more tails again. Was so much fun. Maybe we will try live lobsters next time! next time. --Ann, Ruckersville, VA

My mom is a true lobster lover and unfortunately we couldn't fly to see her on her 50th birthday. We sent her and the rest of our family Whale of a Tail-4 pack to the Big Island of Hawaii. The tails (which were massive in size) go to Hawaii from Maine within 36 hours and arrived still frozen. Best lobster mom has ever had and she's still talking about it over a week later. As we say in the islands, MUCH MAHALO! We'll definitely be bringing more Maine Lobster tails across the Pacific.--James Moniz, Honolulu, HI

Lobster Anywhere, The 4 lobster tails, I ordered, arrived @ 10:19 PST - on time and in frozen condition! They are perfect and we are delighted with the size and the quality of the tails. Thank you so much. --The Taylors

"We had the shucked lobster tails last night. I sauteed them lightly and also cooked up some fresh asparagus. Just one thing to say ... Yum!!!. Wow! The lobster tails were so incredibly, melt-in-your-mouth, tender and they tasted absolutely delicious! I will be ordering more frozen lobster tails soon and will be passing on my positive experience to all my friends!." --Jill, Langhorne, PA

"OH MY GOD. THOSE TAILS. Huge.This had to be the best lobster tail we have ever had. Everything was so wonderful. Thank you until next order. 14-15 min steaming, I added a little wine to the water, was so wonderful. The mussels. Added 2 sticks butter lots of garlic white wine, and let the boys steam. Was wonderful also. The lobster rolls not made yet. I found a great recipe from Bobby Flay. Will try that. U guys have the best seafood around. Will buy from again. Just dont tell my wife. LOL"--Samuel Greuter, Auburn, IN

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Lobster Tails

Lobster tails come from all over the world--Brazil, Florida, South Africa, Maine, Canada--with varying degrees of quality (cold water and warm water tails) so be careful when you find that great deal on lobster tails. A sub-par lobster tail will dry out or shrink to nothing in the cooking process.Lobster Tail Delivery

No tails compare to cold-water tails from the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Our tails are made from only hard-shell lobsters making sure each tail is full of sweet, tender meat.

Whether you are looking for frozen lobster tails, fresh shucked lobster tails, lobster tails for the grill, or even baked stuffed lobster tails--we have you covered. Looking for huge lobster tails? We have got some real beauties. Check out our Sea Monster sized lobster tails--20-24 oz. each. Wow! Each and every order also includes instructions for how to cook lobster tails.

Looking for live Maine lobsters? See our lobster menu and order by the pound. We also have special lobster gifts and lobster dinner packages available with free next day shipping.

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Lobster Tails fresh frozen
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Lobster Tails Fresh-Shucked
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