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I have entertained clients at fine restaurants and sporting events, but your service has really made a difference in my business relationships. Professional, elegant, delicious. What a way to close a deal!
Paul Ciesleski, Dazel - HP Software Company

Just wanted to let you know that the 24 Lobsters arrived at noon on Friday and 22 of our neighbors enjoyed a Rocky Mountain Lobster Feast on Friday night. Everyone raved that they had never tasted sweet tender Lobster like we served. (Of course there was only one New Englander in the group, and that was me.) We did it outside with plenty of beer and a Bronco sunset. (Blue and Orange)
Great service and great Lobster we will be back next year.
Jim Curtis, Lafayette, CO

Wow. The quality of the food and the complete preparations made this an easy and wonderful dinning experience your delivery exceeded my expectation and that I do intend to make use of your service in the future. Thank you so much for your follow-up and attention to this order and making it such a success.
Greg Irman, Swisher, Iowa

I have had great success using your service to send "Thank you" packages to important clients. The competitive nature of my industry leaves no room for error. Every order I placed arrived on time. The presentation of your product is what really impressed my customers. Thank you for making my job a little bit easier.
David Loffredo, Medtronic, Hampton, NH

My wife and I were having some special guests over for dinner and we wanted to make a great impression, so we needed to do something really fantastic. I was a little nervous about ordering food online- especially live lobsters! I received an email confirmation with a shipping tracking number, but I didn't need it, the package arrived right on time! I'm no master chef either, but the instructions made cooking lobster a snap. The lobsters were large, carefully packed and kicking like crazy, the ones from the market don't even look that alive! There were real cloth napkins, crackers and picks, a large pot, a cookbook, even butter and bibs. I looked like a great cook.
Edwin Thompson, Townsend, MA

Your product is incredible. The presentation is magnificent, the clam chowder is the best I've ever had, and the lobster was to die for! I can't tell you how impressive your shipment was. And all the "little extras"...that made it even more special.
Wendy Van Winkle, Tantrum Advertising, Del Rio Texas

I am so impressed with the lobster delivery! This is really well done. I think you thought of absolutely everything. I can't think of a single thing that wasn't absolutely superb in the gift package. The steaks grilled up perfect. It was really the best meal I've head in years. My husband loved his birthday dinner.
Lisa Young, Altitude Marketing, O'Fallon, MO

I just have to tell that the lobsters from lobsteranywhere.com may have been the best lobsters I have ever tasted! It's unbelievable that I can call and have lobsters delivered to my door the next day! Thanks. You have a great company.
Shawn Kelly, President, Postcardpower.com, Elizabethtown, PA

We have rec'd. two complete Lobster, Fresh clams etc. the whole dinner as Christmas gifts from one of our Son's.  What a fabulous meal foranyone, anytime.  I'd recommend this to Queen Elizabeth they really needsome  outstanding food in England. Good luck.
Violet Robinson

Thank you! Everything arrived perfectly and on time in fabulous shape and we had a blast. I had guests from the Czech Republic who not only had never seen a lobster also spoke no English so instructions and diagrams and bibs were the best! I hypnotized the lobsters before the big boil and they were delicious! I use to summer in Maine and we would eat lobsters like other people eat big Macs (ugh). Anyway thank you for your excellent service and attention!!!
Annie Aspen, CO

This was my first order with your company andI am VERY pleased with your products (so far - haven't tasted them yet),your delivery and customer service.  Your presentation of all your productsin "The Great Catch" is great.  I love how you put the whipped buttercontainers and lemon in the netting.  The shrimp look luscious and thescallops look sweet and tender.  The soup container is appealing, too.  The one napkin set is nice and getting a lobster cracker and pick along with itand a lobster bib is perfect.  Who could ask for more!!  I can't wait until my husband comes home tonight and sees his anniversary present (it is our29th anniversary Sunday).  He will be shocked and elated.  He loves whole lobsters.  We live at the Jersey Shore, right on the water, but can't beat your prices and package combinations. Thank you, again, for your great customer service and wonderful products.  Iwill definitely be doing business with you again and I will refer LobsterAnywhere.com to everyone I talk to.
Patti Hayes, NJ

The package was incredible and Nancy and I enjoyed every bite. The shipping was perfect and product was very fresh!!! I look forward to using you in the near future with some of my Mars Inc. clients. Feel free to use us in any testimonial you need!!! Scottsdale residents could use your concept and I will pass it along!!!
Tim LeBel M&M/Mars

My parents had a belated birthday dinner, but they truly enjoyed every bite!! They were impressed with your complete package and the yummy chocolates were an appreciated, yummy touch. Thank you for going out of your way to make some happy customers. I will definitely visit LobsterAnywhere.com again.
Sincerely, Christy Johnson

Great customer service! My order was followed up by a phone call since I did not specify the delivery date.
Anna McCormick, Norcross AL

It was beautifully packaged and the quality was excellent. I sent it as a gift to a client and they were extremely impressed! I found it very easy to order and thought customer service was above average. I highly recommend it and will certainly reorder myself.
Beth Edick, Boston, MA

You guys are great! I ordered two quarters and some chowder to be sent to a business contact. I just got an e-mail from him saying that the lobster, the chowder, THE BISQUE, and THE CHOCOLATE were great! I had no idea these extras were in the package. My business contact is in heaven and I can only say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The next time I want to impress someone, rest assured I'll use your services.
Jim Sullivan, Watertown, MA

Thanks Guys!!Another job well done. It sure feels good to have someone to depend on for quality and timeliness.
Harriett Fisher, Jacksonville, FL

Just ate our lobsters last night. God they were great....Cold Lobster. A great Veggie Salad. Fresh Home grown corn a wonderful potato salad it was my best friends 47th birthday, and we took our last bite a 1:00 in the morning... we did not want the lobsterfest to end....
Jody L. Serkes, Saint Louis, MO

Thank you very much for the second shipment of lobster tails.  They werereceived in very good shape, with the packets still frozen.  My Grandmotheris very excited.  Thanks again for the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Sometimesyou think it doesn't exist anymore, not true.
Lisa Bremer, Chicago, Il

Just a short note to thank you for shipping thelobsters and chowder to North Pole, Alaska.  Thelobsters arrived in fine condition and the chowder wasfroze hard.  We took the lobsters to our cabin onHarding Lake, which is about 40 miles southeast ofNorth Pole.  We had a wonderful feast with our family. It is hard to imagine having fresh, live lobstershere in Alaska, more than 5,000 miles from their homebut with your service and Fedex it happened. Thanks to Lobster Anywhere, we look forward to more lobster cookouts.  Again, thank you for your great service andattention to detail. Best regards,
Bill Slayden, North Pole, Alaska

Thank you, the lobsters arrived perfectly.  Thanks for the prompt  friendly service. I flew for Northeast Airlines for years and then Delta when we merged for many a year and now will use and recommend your online service to all my retired flight attendants and pilots. Thanks you again,
Janie, Virginia city, MT

I just got back from my vacation and wanted to let you know the lobsters were a HUGE HIT !!. EVERYTHING came on time, and they were DELICIOUS!!. We had about 40 people down there, and OVER HALF had never had lobsters like that, so it was fun to do. I can not thank you enough for the time you put in to helping me. Just wanted to let you know, and several of the people took the business cards that were in there. I am certain you will be getting some orders from it !! Thanks again,
Sally Butters, Warrenton, VA

This is Vicki that had that Labor Day order in Texas.It was the "BEST"!!!!!!!I can't thank you enough for talking with me and giving ussuch an AWESOME Product!I will continue to enjoy your food for a long time!Thanks again........What a Hit!!!
Vicki, Austin, TX