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Maine Lobster YouTube™ Library

In addition to shipping live Maine lobster and fresh seafood overnight to our customers, we want to make sure that your cooking experience goes smoothly and is as rewarding as possible. Below you'll find videos that we're uploading to YouTube in an effort to ensure you get the most from your LobsterAnywhere.com order. If you have suggestions for a video, let us know!

Our made-for-TV commercial in which a lobster delivery goes haywire when a troop of live lobsters parachute out of the sky. For Lobster Delivery to your front door - buy lobster from LobsterAnywhere.com - Flying Live lobsters and fresh seafood since 1999.

Lobster Tails from the cold-waters of the North Atlantic can't be beat. Watch some simple tips for lobster grilling outdoors. You'll see Maine lobster tails are easy to prepare and grill.

If you can boil water, you can cook lobster! Find out how to cook live lobster like a pro. You will see the difference between a male and female lobster; see how Maine lobsters are graded and the suggested cooking times for boiling live lobsters.

Looking for a special lobster dinner or fresh seafood gift? Buy fresh lobster gifts direct from Lobster Anywhere. Our special lobster dinner includes free shipping anywhere in the USA.