Lobster Rolls: The Official Summer Sandwich

August 19, 2009


Lobster rolls are a special summer sandwich. The best one’s are found along seaside clam shacks in Maine, Massachusetts, or on the Cape.

The lobster roll, like chili, is one of the most contentious foods out there; everyone’s got a favorite way to do it. The sandwich goes back to when lobster was plentiful and cheap as a means to use up less-than-perfect lobsters that wouldn’t fetch that high a price on the market.

Lobster Roll  Variations & Impostors

In New England, you’ll find two different schools of how to make the best lobster roll: chilled with mayo (our recipe) or served hot with butter. The latter, also know as the naked lobster roll is just fresh  chunks of lobster on top of a grilled hot dog bun drizzled with warm butter. Some serve lobster rolls with both mayo and butter on the side. You can’t go wrong with these New England lobster roll recipes since they focus on the sweet taste of lobster. On the other hand, some people (we won’t name names), like to cover up the fresh briny succulence of the lobster meat with fancy ingredients like aioli, tarragon, Old Bay seasoning and so on…

A lobster roll is not called a lobster roll for nothing. We’ve found “lobster rolls” made with some interesting bread choices, including croissants, baguettes, sub rolls and even hamburger buns! There’s nothing like a properly made lobster roll. It all starts with fresh, succulent lobster meat,and lots of it. You see it takes two live lobster to make 8 ounces of lobster meat. Unless there’s filler, a good lobster sandwich is not cheap.

Rule #1: Never Skimp on the Maine Ingredient!

The best lobster is made simply: Chunks of lobster on top of a grilled hot dog bun with just a little mayo. Always use big chunks of lobster meat, not shredded or minced lobster. We’re not making lobster salad here. Now let’s make some lobster rolls!

The Lobster Makes the Sandwich

Cook a bunch of lobsters and shuck the lobster meat out of the shell. Do not overlook the knuckle meat. True lobster aficionados know it’s the sweetest meat of the lobster! Now mix your lobster meat with a touch of mayonnaise. We like to use Cains since it’s all-natural and local. Use just enough mayonnaise to hold the lobster meat together. Again, purists prefer just a little mayo, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Optionally, you can add a little chopped celery to give it a little crunch. Nothing else. Chill your lobster meat in a covered bowl for 30 minutes.

Grab Some Top Split Lobster Rolls

Find some top-split hot dog rolls or New England style hot dog buns.  If you live outside the six New England States (MA,CT, NH, RI, ME,VT) they can be hard to find.It’s the kind with flat, white sides, because it absorbs the most butter when toasted in a pan.  What’s nice about the east coast style roll is that when the outside is grilled, the inside stays soft. What’s more, the rolls will stand upright with lobster meat loaded and ready to enjoy. Our favorite store bought roll is made by Pepperidge Farms. If you can’t find a “top-loading” hot-dog bun, give a brioche roll a try.

Overstuff your Lobster Roll!

Next lightly butter both sides of each bun and grill for 2 minutes per side, until golden brown. Open the top split and pile in your lobster meat until your lobster roll is overstuffed. Don’t forget to supply a fork to get every chunk of lobster meat that spills out. Serve with potato chips, french fries and/or coleslaw.

Can’t get to Maine for a real lobster roll? Have a lobster roll kit shipped to you! Includes 2lbs. fresh lobster meat Makes up to 8 overstuffed lobster rolls.  We even include the authentic top-split rolls and a box of genuine salt-water taffy.


  1. Katherine


    I’m a native maine Lady, and I am thrilled to say that I am having Lobster Rolls tomorrow for dinner! Spoiled am I!!!!

  2. Linda


    I’ve ordered the lobster rolls, I’ll get potato chips and coleslaw as suggested, but what do I serve to drink? Beer? Wine?

    • lobsteranywhere


      Yes, we suggest a nice glass of Chardonnay, ice cold beer, and home made lemonade for the kids. And it does not have to be summer time to enjoy a lobster roll!

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