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Buy fresh live lobster online 1 1/4 to monster 6 lb lobsters. We hand-select only the finest quality live hard-shell Maine lobsters. There is a difference!



Product Description

You select your size lobster: from 1 ¼ pound lobsters to 5-6 pound colossal lobsters. Our live lobsters are taken fresh off the fishing boats of local lobster fishermen. Remember these are fresh hard-shell lobsters. Soft Shell lobsters are always less expensive. Our lobster may not be the lowest price, but they will be of superior quality. Simple put, these are the BEST lobsters available. Our Live lobsters are true to the weight requested, and often times heavier!

Never cooked lobster or seafood? It’s easy. Each live lobster order includes a “How-to-cook-lobster” Cooking Guide. Lobsters are packed in seawater soaked newspaper in our reusable Styrofoam cooler with ice cold gel packs. Each lobster is hand-picked, personally packed, and always the freshest you’ll find.

Because Maine lobster is a wild product, prices fluctuate with supply and demand of the marketplace. Order live lobster by the pound & select your quantity. You can mix and match your live lobster sizes. Overnight delivery is based on weight. For a free shipping quote, simple add items to your shopping cart and click on shipping quote (no purchase necessary).

Order now and schedule the exact day you want your order to arrive. You select your lobster delivery at checkout with our drop-down shipping calendar.

Prices are not “Priced per Pound” but per lobster within the specific weight range. Lobsters will be shipped as close to the highest fraction of weight possible, pending availability during that particular day of shipment. All lobsters are guaranteed to be within the weight range requested, or heavier!

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Buy Maine lobster in its most animated form- LIVE.

3lb Bulk Pricing
2 – 3 : $46
5 – 8 : $44
9 – 14 : $42
15+ : $39

9 reviews for Live Lobster

  1. Bill Anderson
    5 out of 5


    I was a little reluctant to order lobster online but I can honestly say that these are by FAR the most delicious lobsters I’ve ever eaten! Arrived shipment as promised (ordered on Wednesday, arrived on Friday). Lobsters were live, nicely cold packed, and FRESH! I followed the cooking instructions (exactly) as written and the meat was PERFECT texture and flavor was unbelievable!! Some people claim that the large/giant lobsters are tough when cooked. NOT TRUE! I ordered the 3lb lobster and I’ll be ordering the giant 5-6lb lobsters next! Worth EVERY penny! We will be ordering again VERY soon!

  2. Guest
    5 out of 5


    I ordered the Live Maine Lobster for my father for Christmas, it was delivered on time, it was fresh and he loved it. The 2lb Lobster was enough for 2 meals!

  3. Tom Daigneault
    5 out of 5


    I have ordered several times and the product has always been very fresh and on time. I would not shop anywhere else.

  4. kiet1116
    5 out of 5


    order 2 lobsters to 2 different addresses in Kansas. they arrived on time and very fresh

  5. Gary Hodges
    5 out of 5


    This is by far the best Lobster to be had,also makes a great gift item.

  6. Marie Chrzanowski
    4 out of 5


    5 STAR LIVE MAINE LOBSTERS!This was my first time ordering these Big Sweet Meaty Live Lobsters! They are the real deal hard shell lobsters. We are living on the west coast,and have been here for 16 yrs.So When I placed my order I requested the napkins, with the seafood tools rolled nicely in side (the napkins are 100% cotton, beautifully completes visual appearance, well worth the price) to accompany a 3 pounder and 2 two pounders. I ordered the lobster pot,(also a good move, they are more costly on other sites).They arrived 10:30am on Saturday,Beautiful packaging,I placed them in the fridge on the shelf over the crispers.When I opend the door later there was only TWO!They are so alive that he moved his big tail so much he ended up in the door where the large jars of mayo & stuff go.Please, you must have plyers or kitchen sheers so you can pre-break the claws.I wish I would have,hence the 4 out of 5 star rateing.They are hard shell lobsters and Magnificent.Bonappitite

  7. kspjconnor
    5 out of 5


    Lobster Live in Montana!!! What a wonderful treat and worth every penny! Funny photo of my lab pup investigating the styro box contents….He & the moving live lobster had quite a time. Definitely love the 2# or larger lobsters…so did our friends! Karen –Columbus, Montana.

  8. Lobster Lover
    5 out of 5


    Ordered two 3 lb.live lobsters…delivered on the date as promised. Excellent quality and taste!! Would recommend LobsterAnywhere to everyone.
    -Lobster Lover, Naples, FL USA

  9. Michael Rawdon
    5 out of 5


    We have never tried cooking live lobster before so we were a bit apprehensive. But we followed your cooking instructions exactly and OMG I can’t describe how delicious they were! –Mike, Naperville, IL

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FAQs for Live Lobster

Q: Some people seem to think lobster is a seasonal (or Summer) dish, but we've heard otherwise! Is lobster really great all year long?
— Asked on July 8, 2014
A: Good question. Lobster fishing happens all year round when weather permits. In October through early December when the waters are real cold-- you'll catch the rock hard lobsters. You'll find soft-shell lobsters most plentiful in the summer months.Catches are graded for healthy, hard-shell goodness. See the best time of year to buy lobster.
— Lobster Louie
Q: What's your favorite way to cook lobster?
— Asked on July 8, 2014
A: We like steaming lobsters. It gently cooks the lobster meat and brings out the sweet taste of the meat. But more importantly, it makes less of a mess than boiling. You won't have a water logged lobster like boiling. See live lobster cooking guide.
— Lobster Louie
— Asked by Lobster Louie on September 28, 2014
A: No. Not at all. Big lobsters are just as tender. Any size lobsters will be tough and rubbery if it is overcooked. We think some of the cooking times you find online are way too long.
— Lobster Louie

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