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Lobster Shipping

Shipping Live Lobsters. Done Right

Live lobster shipping requires three key ingredients: 1. Quality Hard-Shell Live Lobsters; 2. Quality Perishable Packaging; and 3. Experienced Lobster Delivery Company. Done right, live lobsters should be delivered alive and in perfect condition, no matter how far they travel. 1. Quality Live Lobsters Live Lobsters vary greatly in quality and price. For Maine lobsters […]


Lobster Thief Caught Red Handed

A 35-year-old Biloxi, Mississippi man was pinched by police at the local Winn Dixie grocery store. The crime: fishing for lobster without paying for them. Luckily the thief was not pinched by the lobsters, since he stuffed two live lobsters into the front pockets of his cargo shorts! Also on the thief’s seafood menu were […]

live lobster delivery

Lobster Delivery – Live Lobsters Parachute from a Plane!

Watch a lobster delivery go haywire when live lobsters parachute out of a plane in our first You Tube animated video! Live Lobster Delivery since 1999 Live lobster Delivery Since 1999. Fresh from the shore to your door. LobsterAnywhere.com offer premium live lobster delivery and gourmet seafood delivery anywhere in the USA. We go to great lengths […]