Lobster Tails for Any Season

One of the most popular fresh seafood items on our online lobster store are Lobster Tails. And we ship a ton of lobster tails all year long to just about every part of the USA. Lobster lovers the world over will tell you the lobster tail is the biggest, meatiest part of the lobster. There are many different varieties of lobster tails depending on the species of lobster.

Lobster Tails frozenMaine Lobster Tails

At Lobster Anywhere we only buy and ship Maine and Canadian lobster tails from the cold-waters of the North Atlantic ocean. Full of sweet, tender lobster meat, cold-water Maine lobster tails are the most coveted tails in the world.

Cold water lobster is prized above all other species for its sweet, briny richness. Our tails are culled from only hard-shell lobsters–so you know you are getting your money’s worth. It is not enough to start with quality hard-shell lobsters, it also matters how the tails are processed. No additives are used, our lobster tails are first blast frozen then double glazed to lock in the lobster’s natural texture and sweet flavor. You’ll pay more for the Maine lobster tails, but you’ll see and taste the difference.

Rock Lobster Tails

Spiny lobsters, also known as rock lobsters, are easily distinguished from Maine lobsters because it has no claws, has short spines along the length of the tail and body; and are marked by bright spots on its tail. The cooked white meat will have red-orange tinges on the outside. Spiny Lobsters that come from the southern waters and the western Atlantic, from Brazil, Belize, Columbia, Nicaragua and Honduras, are generally known as warm water lobsters. Spiny Lobster Tails are in fact the biggest food export of the Bahams! Spiny lobster tails caught off the coasts of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are marketed as cold water lobster tails.

Be on the lookout for impostors. Warm water tails will always be cheaper. They lack the quality and superior taste of frozen lobster tails from Maine. You’ll find the warm-water tails at chain stores and the big catalog steak companies.The big cruise lines also offer warm-water tails to their passengers to save money. Our customers tell us the tails taste dried out or rubbery.

Frozen Lobster Tails

Frozen Tails: We ship premium frozen lobster tails in the shell. We carry 6-7 oz tails, jumbo 8-10 oz. tails, extra-jumbo 12-14 oz. tails, and colossal 16-20 oz. tails. Tails are shipped frozen, raw in the shell and are ready for steaming or broiling. These cold-water beauties are known for their meatiness and sweet flavor. For a dramatic presentation, slit the shell to expose the lobster meat, then grill or broil…and savor!

Barbecue Lobster Tails

BBQ Lobster Tail

Barbecue Lobster Tails: These special tails are 4-5 oz. each and are split, completely cleaned and ready to grill or bake. Tunnel freezing under a stream of super cooled gas instantly locks in full fresh flavor.

Stuffed Lobster Tail

Baked Stuffed Lobster Tails: Our stuffed lobster tails are made by a local York lobsterman. Each 5 oz tail is stuffed with a rich lobster walnut crumb stuffing and brushed with lemon butter. Tails are vacuum packed and flash frozen. Just bake and serve.

Fresh Shucked Lobster Tails: Don’t need any lobster crackers with these tails since they are fresh shucked out of the shell and then blast frozen raw. Tails are sold by the pound and packed six 4-5 oz. tails per tray.

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3 Responses to Lobster Tails for Any Season

  1. Avatar of lobsteranywhere
    Ed Schenk January 16, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

    When I live in New York I used to have fresh, whole Jumbo lobsters shipped in. They were gigantic. We would have a 20# or 25# lobster and fee 10 people. had to use a hammer to get through the shell. We cut “steaks from the tail.

    • Avatar of lobsteranywhere
      lobsteranywhere January 20, 2010 at 3:29 am #

      20 pound lobster– Wow! that’s a huge lobster. How did you cook it?

      Lobster that big can’t come from Maine. Maine laws has a .maximum legal size of 5 inches carapace-length. If you are looking for a huge lobster– let us know. We will see what we get in. We always have 5-6 pounders. Three pounds and up Jumbo lobsters will come from the deep waters off Canada, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire.

  2. Avatar of lobsteranywhere
    sofia madonna November 9, 2009 at 10:01 pm #

    how delicious I can’t wait to buy some tails at lobsteranywhere.

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